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Walking Through Samaria

Jan 13, 2021

Meet Danielle Strickland. A well-known voice in Christianity, she is the author of six books and a major in the Salvation Army, which is a lot more than people ringing bells in front of stores at Christmastime. A proponent of what she calls “aggressive compassion,” Strickland trains, advocates and inspires people to live differently, in large part because she saw how the marginalized of society are treated.


Among other things, the Salvation Army is one of the largest providers of homeless shelters to the LGBTQ community, and her call to action was shaped by seeing a young person kicked out of his house for being transgender.


“I remember being horrified by a type of Christianity where people would prefer to see their kid on the street rather than wrestle through the realities of what’s going on,” she says.


In a time where that kind of division is more commonplace than ever, Strickland has one piece of advice, and it has nothing to do with more Bible studies or leadership conferences. “Get out of your head,” she says. “Practice what you already know. Serve and stop yelling at each other.”