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Walking Through Samaria

Jan 21, 2021

Meet the Rev. Alvin C. Bibbs Sr. A native of Chicago who grew up in its tough Cabrini-Green public housing projects, Bibbs is a motivational speaker, author and mentor. He serves as an organizational coach/facilitator to congregations and not-for-profit organizations across North America and, in addition to serving as President and CEO of The Justice Journey Alliance, Bibbs is the Founder and Principal of The Obsidian Consulting Group, LLC.


Even Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. seemed to sense that Bibbs was destined for big things. When Bibbs was 6 years old, sporting an Afro that would’ve made young Michael Jackson proud, King spotted Bibbs during a church service at which the civil rights leader was preaching. Afterward, he asked Bibbs’ parents if he could pray with the young man. King laid his hand on the boy’s Afro, denting it, and prayed a prayer of dedication over him. When King was assassinated months later, that moment was seared into Bibbs’ heart.


“It’s no accident that God selected Dr. Martin Luther King to commission your life to do the work you’re called to do,” Bibbs said.


That set in motion his life’s work, which has been geared toward bringing multi-cultural and inter-generational leaders, churches and organizations together for honest dialogue on race and relevant issues on social justice. He’s challenging the Church to play a vital role in making that happen.


“The Bride of Christ, the light of the Church, is not shining as bright as it should,” Bibbs said. “We can’t stay in our comfort zones, we can’t stay in our holy huddles and we can’t stay in our holy tents. We have to go out on the other side.”