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Walking Through Samaria

Feb 2, 2021

Meet Suzy Sammons. President of, Sammons is a brand-strategy expert who learned how to help companies put their best foot forward by learning how to put her best foot forward.


She came to spiritual rebirth at the age of 40, following a series of broken relationships — her father cheated on her mother for years, she endured her own divorce and then lost her father in a tragic automobile accident with a truck that was so horrific, the mortician told her, “I don’t know if we can make him presentable.”


Those words stuck with her and became a way for her to not only make the companies she worked with presentable to the world, but to make faith in Christ presentable to those she influences. Some of those people feared that Sammons would shun them because of her faith, but her message to them wasn’t the judgmental response they’d come to expect from evangelicals.


“Jesus stepped in and put me back together,” said Sammons, now happily remarried. “The least we can do is offer that grace to others.”