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Walking Through Samaria

Sep 29, 2021

Meet Geoff Duncan. He’s the 12th Lieutenant Governor for the State of Georgia, husband of 24 years to Brooke, and father to three children ranging in age from 19 to 11. A former minor league pitcher in the Marlins organization, Duncan saw his Major League dreams derailed by an injured shoulder. But that didn’t keep him from aiming for success, and he found it as an entrepreneur and a politician.


Those experiences formed the background for “GOP 2.0,” a book he authored, though he contends the title — and most normal, everyday Americans — aren’t nearly as partisan as they sound.


“Because of social media and other elements, the outside 5 percent on both sides feel like they’re driving the narrative,” the lieutenant governor says. “The reality is that there’s a silent majority that just wakes up and doesn’t really care about a Republican or Democrat being in charge — they want to make sure they got a job the next day, they want to make sure their kids are going to a good school and that their communities are safe, and their nation is secure. Those are the real issues. When we stop looking through the lens of being reelected and start looking through the lens of actually doing stuff, that’s where this starts making sense to people.”