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Walking Through Samaria

Oct 27, 2021

Meet Andy Peterson. He is the founder and principal at Docs/ology, an initiative of Aspiration Ventures for promoting extraordinary documentary films through grassroots marketing & publicity and its companion editorial platform,


Since 2005, Peterson also has been involved in helping to launch dozens of independent and studio feature films and TV series, including projects from A24, Abramorama, AMC, Dick Clark Productions, Focus Features, FOX, IFC Films, National Geographic, Neon, NBC, Paramount Pictures, Participant Media, Roadside Attractions, Sony Pictures and more.


But he wants to tell a different story.


“The life that I’ve observed, the life that I’ve lived, is not one so far — at least that I have found — that if I pray hard enough, my life always works the way I want it to,” Peterson says. “That’s not what I’ve experienced. I hear a lot of that, I hear a lot of that in Christian entertainment and I certainly hear a lot of that in some of the faith-based films that are out there, but that’s just not my experience.


“My experience is that life doesn’t work, that I can’t make it work, that I do need a Savior and that is the intersection that I’m interested in, in films that tell that real story, and sometimes the gritty, raw, hard story, of what it feels like to be human on this earth, in this broken place we live in.”

Peterson serves on the Narrative Feature jury for the Nashville Film Festival and is the creator of the Justice Film Festival, an emerging film festival that takes place in New York City that has been shining a light on social justice since 2012.

He is a graduate of Taylor University and has lived in Nashville for 25 years with his wife Becky. They have three children.