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Walking Through Samaria

Jun 30, 2020

Meet Chris Palusky, the president and CEO of Bethany Christian Services since January 2018. From his days with World Vision until now, he has been answering God’s call to be “in the middle of the mess” for 21 years. When there’s a crisis somewhere in this broken world, chances are you’ll find Palusky running toward it rather than fleeing from it. It has been “an amazing journey” that has taken him and his family to humanitarian hotspots all over the globe — from Albania to Afghanistan, from Malawi to Myanmar and from Kosovo to Colombia. 


In today’s episode, Palusky talks about the rewards of being the hands and feet of Christ,” about the need for foster care and about the underlying factors that create refugees, who are often the most vulnerable among the population — women, children and the elderly. “Don’t be fearful,” he says. “This is a time when God is calling us to act.”