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Walking Through Samaria

Nov 11, 2020

Meet King Randall, who at the ripe old age of 21 is the founder of the "X" for Boys organization in Albany, Ga., where the motto is, "Let US Make Man." 
That’s just one of the ways he’s trying to fulfill the word he stunned his grandmother with when he was just 2. “I’m here to finish what Dr. Martin Luther King started,” he told her. She had no idea he knew anything about Dr. King, but she never let him forget it. 


Taking the initiative to fill a void among young black men, Randall hosts a variety of automotive workshops to teach them how to change brakes and oil. He also has home improvement workshops to teach them how to replace light fixtures, toilets, and how to paint. He’s also a chef after graduating at the age of 17 with a degree in Culinary Arts from Albany Technical College — even before graduating Westover High School. He also hosts a weekly book club for boys to improve their literacy skills and also to teach them important life skills about growing into a young man. 


“Say, five to 10 years from now, when I’ve raised new doctors and lawyers and police officers and judges, you’ll see a shift in the atmosphere — or even the nation,” Randall says. “We have to train the replacements.”