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Walking Through Samaria

Nov 18, 2020

Meet Nate Butler, songwriter, producer, preacher’s kid, and self-proclaimed thermostat — meaning that he figuratively changes the temperature of any room he inhabits. For eight years, he has headed Passion City Church’s college ministry, but God has used his experiences for so much more.


His background includes work with music luminaries like Luther Vandross, Bobby Brown and Sugarland, and television shows like “Showtime at the Apollo” and “America’s Got Talent,” among others. But there was a time he was poor. Here, Butler issues a small correction.


“We were po’ — we couldn’t afford the ‘o’ and the ‘r,’ ” he says. But that produced a sensitivity that drew him to World Vision’s efforts to eradicate global poverty. Butler hopes God gives him as much success there as He gave him in a bout with the coronavirus. He sees the hand of God in both the illness and the cure, because of what it reveals about citizen and country alike.


“The thing I love about COVID,” he says, “is it actually squeezes the breath out of your body. When something is squeezing you, you see what comes out and God will use it — all of it — for His glory.”