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Walking Through Samaria

Jul 21, 2020

Meet Pat and Sue Bradley, who began what is now Crisis Aid International by providing 2-pound bags of rice to people in South Sudan. That blossomed into a ministry that has served people in crisis from 11 countries. With partners, they have provided nearly 15 million pounds of food and serve more than 2.4 million adults and malnourished children. They have rescued more than 1,050 girls from sex trafficking, girls who ranged in age from 4 to 30 years 


They had to get their own house in order before they could do that, however. “It got to the point where my drinking destroyed our marriage,” Pat said. “She, for lack of better terms, kicked me out of the house and she divorced me, which really got my attention.” But when Pat got saved and committed himself to sobriety, God restored them over time and they got remarried to each other. 


In today’s episode, the Bradleys talk about what that reunion has produced, how God helped them venture into destitute red-light districts in East Africa and snatch hopeless girls out of prostitution. They even bought a brothel and turned it into a retraining center, so that once free, the girls could become women who remained free indeed.