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Walking Through Samaria

Jul 28, 2020

Meet Philip Langford, the president of IJM United States, a part of the global International Justice Mission organization dedicated to combatting modern-day slavery, sex trafficking and abuses of state power. It’s a multibillion-dollar industry that exists because oppressors can freely abuse vulnerable people without fear of punishment.


With his legal skills, Langford has been on the front lines of the battle in places like India and has helped IJM fight injustice in places like Kenya, Uganda and the Philippines. “It has always been the people of God who have had a prophetic voice to rulers about how they use their power,” Langford says, adding that Christians everywhere need to join the chorus. “We have to find our prophetic voice as a church to rulers.”


Langford currently lives in northern Virginia with his wife, Lacy, and their five children.