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Walking Through Samaria

Jun 23, 2021

Meet Shaunti Feldhahn. A well-known ground-breaking social researcher, best-selling author and popular speaker, Shaunti is a Harvard graduate and former Wall Street analyst who lives in Atlanta with her husband, Jeff, their daughter, son, and two cats who think they are dogs.


She has authored devotionals and Bible studies for iDisciple Publishing — her “Find Series” of includes Find Rest, Find Balance, Find Peace, and Find Joy. They guide women to discover the path that will take them from stressed-out to peace when they lean into God’s truths and begin to live the life designed just for them.


“Living in a fallen world is going to come with some stress, but the whole point is He wants us to navigate that, so we don’t have a life of stress and that we have that sense of joy no matter what,” Shaunti says. “[The books] are not just about reading something and going, ‘Oh, that’s nice.’ It’s about ‘How do I apply that every day to my life?’ ”


Shaunti’s books delve deep into relationships — the best-selling For Women Only, followed by For Men Only (co-authored with Jeff) and her most recent work, Thriving in Love & Money – the money book that has little to do with money. These rigorously researched books help couples finally “get” what has been so often misunderstood about each other and what the roots of stress in their relationships might be. 


The books have been sources of insight while much of the country — and, indeed, the world — has been under stress with COVID-19. On a personal note, Shaunti has dealt with that and then some. She not only battled COVID-19, but stage 1 breast cancer and a withering attack from a Christian sister on the teachings in her books concerning sex.


She has resisted a public back-and-forth battle, citing Scriptural teachings and the common-sense that says, “You can’t heal hurt with further hurt.” Instead, Shaunti aims to help because that’s the essence of a Good Samaritan — one who goes out of their way to help.