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Walking Through Samaria

May 25, 2022

Meet Kelly Miller. Formerly a standout in the software industry, Miller became the Dean of Student Life for the Amazima School in Jinja, Uganda, and visits the Walking Through Samaria podcast to talk about what the Holy Spirit has done and is doing in the lives of people who are “going against culture to follow Jesus” and becoming examples in their own communities.


He has been married to Danlyn for 25 years, and though they have no biological children of their own, they became father and mother figures to their Ugandan students, who used to call him “Uncle Kelly.” He’s undertaken 13 overseas mission trips, but upon rigorous self-examination questioned whether what he was doing was genuine service to God as opposed to a point of religious pride. Once he resolved that question, he says, he found himself on a “journey to unshakable faith and complete joy” which led him to write an upcoming book called “No Greater Joy.”


The key, Miller says, is being properly motivated.


“If somebody’s motivation is for the other person’s benefit, whatever we’re doing — whether it’s buying somebody’s Starbucks coffee or just asking somebody, ‘Hey, what do you know about Jesus?’ — you can do ministry everywhere, anywhere, anytime,” he says. “If we want to do something meaningful for others, meaningful for the Kingdom, and faith-building for us in our own walk with Christ, we have to do it with the strength of the Holy Spirit. If we try to do it on our own, we will fall into selfish motivations.”