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Walking Through Samaria

Sep 7, 2022

Meet Cole Forester. He’s the son of one of Walking Through Samaria’s recent previous guests, author Link Forrester III, and he’s also the co-founder of True Radical Love, a website devoted to fighting the pernicious evils of pornography. He and his co-founder wife, Kayla, have purposed “to end pornography one heart at a time, because if this evil will always exist, then the only way to win is to win the individual’s heart.”


Neither Cole nor Kayla arrived by accident at this mission, which they started in May 2020, at the height of COVID-19 quarantining. He was exposed to pornography at a young age, before he recognized the effect it would take on his life. She also recognized that sex slavery and trafficking were still prevalent in their suburban metro Atlanta backyard.


Recognizing it was one thing. Doing something about it, however, has been a much tougher task. But neither shies away from the challenge.


“Porn fuels the demand for trafficking, meaning it’s a progressional sin or issue,” Cole said. “Like my story, it’s started off whenever I was in secret, I could look at it. When I was at college, I could look at it whenever. And then when I was in the professional world, I would use my resources toward where my heart was going. People say that where your money is, your heart is also. With pornography, it’s backward. Your heart is being established in this sin and then when boys become men, or children go into adulthood, their money starts following where their heart is. Most people seeking prostitution or trafficked women, I’d be shocked if they don’t have a porn issue.”