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Walking Through Samaria

Jul 20, 2022

Meet Link Forester III. He’s an author whose life story, a winding path of triumph and tragedy, is readily identifiable with many of our own. The only difference is, he’s put his into a book titled The Side Road: Finding Joy and Purpose Through the Twists and Turns of Life, which takes him through an earlier-than-expected pregnancy, marriage and fatherhood in 1987 to an early and never-expected tragedy in 2011, when his son Tyler died.


Simple pleasures have helped him cope — the love of golf, good wine and grandchildren — but mostly it has been his strong faith in God. Through it all, from his initial days in sales at IBM to his management of a financial planning firm, Forester’s 35-year marriage to Carla has survived and thrived and he’s learned lessons about what traveling “the side road” really means.


“Just being a follower of Jesus puts you on the side road,” he says. “It’s an easy club to join but it’s a hard life to live. It can be a lonely life.” Yet it is one full of purpose and perspective and leads to a lot of hilarious tales that his son, Cole, finally got him to put into print and he recounts some of them with Dan and David on the Walking Through Samaria podcast.